” Under Construction Launching early 2019”

Welcome to Global Rugby Recruitment website, the online database that connects players/coaches and Teams and acts as a vehicle for players , coaches & Teams to connect with each other. Players / Coaches/Staff possibility get overseas opportunities and get to experience other rugby , cultures and further their rugby careers! It also allows clubs to hand pick the best available players for their rugby club with terms and conditions that they are comfortable with!

The site essentially allows players / Coaches/Staff to act as their own agents and saves time needlessly searching for a Team. This will save clubs , Coaches / Staff and players hours of searching and make the whole process more efficient and easy! Simply Signup For Free first then to get listed there is a annual (yearly) Fee to be paid. If you paid the fees then you can get listed and contact players , Coaches/Staff & Teams. Fill in your profiles with terms and conditions that meet your requirements and allow players/teams/Coaches etc to contact you from around the world.

Please ensure that your profile has Photos , History & Video Clips etc to give your profile more chances to try get a possible overseas opportunity from teams from around the world. Events /News & Opportunities will also be posted on our facebook page from people that wish to advertise with us. On our website you can view clubs searching for players & Staff as well. Please Share our website with your friends. We in no way Guarantee any job opportunities or contracts etc we act nearly as a vehicle between teams , players , Coaches & staff.

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